Niessing lab

Dierk Niessing

The Niessing lab mainly uses X-ray crystallography and biochemistry to understand mechanistic principles of RNA-mediated gene regulation in eukaryotes. Besides mRNA localization, a main focus is on translational control. We participate in the FOR2333 Research Unit with two projects:

Project 1: Together with the Jansen and Zarnack labs, we use the model system budding yeast to understand what defines a zip-code element and how translational control is achieved on the ASH1 mRNA.

Project 2: We wish to study neuronal mRNA transport by focussing on the specificity of RNA binding proteins such as Staufen2 and their interplay with co-factors. For this project we collaborate with the Kiebler lab.

Selected publications by the Niessing lab:

  • Edelmann et al. Nature Struct Mol Biol (2017) [pubmed]
  • Weber et al. eLife 5: 10.7554/eLife.11297 (2016) [pubmed]
  • Niedner et al. PNAS 110: E5049-58 (2013) [pubmed]
  • Heym et al. J Cell Biol 203: 971-84 (2013) [pubmed]
  • Müller et al. PLoS Biol e1000611 (2011) [pubmed]

Dierk Niessing serves as Speaker of the FOR2333.


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