Kiebler lab

Michael Kiebler

The Kiebler lab studies RNA localization and subsequent protein synthesis at individual synapses of central nervous system neurons. In particular, we aim to get molecular and mechanistic insight into dendritic mRNA transport and local translation control. To study alterations in synaptic RNA composition and translational activity, we exploit high-resolution microscopy, the biochemical isolation and characterization of neuronal RNA granules including next generation sequencing and mass spectrometry. Finally, these studies will be complimented by the molecular and organismic analysis of our available mouse models for Stau2 and Pum2. We participate in the FOR2333 Research Unit with two projects:

Project 1: Here, we study neuronal mRNA transport in primary neurons by focusing on the double-stranded RNA-binding protein Staufen2. These experiments will be complimented by in vitro studies of the Niessing lab.

Project 2: To elucidate spatially restricted translational control in mammalian neurons, we aim to identify physiological targets of the translational repressor Pumilio2 (Pum2) and how they are regulated by Pum2. Therefore, we plan to combine RNA granule isolation with in vitro translation assays in collaboration with Jan Medenbach (U Regensburg) and in cellulo assays using isolated neurons from Pum2-knock down mice that are available in our lab.

Selected publication by the Kiebler lab:

  • Berger et al. Genome Biol. 18: 222-7 (2017) [pubmed]
  • Sharangdhar et al. EMBO Rep. 18: 1762-74 (2017) [pubmed]
  • Fritzsche et al. Cell Rep 5: 1749-62 (2013) [pubmed]
  • Kusek et al. Cell Stem Cell 11: 505-16 (2012) [pubmed]
  • Vessey et al. Cell Stem Cell 11: 517-28 (2012) [pubmed]


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