Jansen lab

Ralf-Peter JansenThe Jansen lab is studying the function of ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs), mainly using budding yeast as model. We use combinations of biochemistry and live imaging techniques in order to understand how RNP complexes fulfil their function and where they assemble and disassemble. In recent years we have focused on membrane protein-encoding mRNAs and study the mechanisms and significance of their targeting. We participate in the FOR2333 Research Unit with two projects:

Project 1: Together with the Feldbrügge and Zarnack labs, we use fungal model systems to identify functionally conserved RNA-binding proteins that are essential for targeting mRNAs to the surface of intracellular organelles.

Project 2: In a collaboration with the Niessing and Zarnack labs, we use the model system budding yeast to understand what defines a zip-code element and how translational control is achieved on the ASH1 mRNA

Selected publications by the Jansen lab:

  • Hermesh et al. J Cell Sci 127:3373-81 (2014) [pubmed]
  • Hirschmann et al. NAR 42: 4043-55 (2014) [pubmed]
  • Genz et al. J Biol Chem 288: 32384-93 (2013) [pubmed]
  • Fundakowski et al. Traffic 13: 1642-52 (2012) [pubmed]
  • Müller et al. PLoS Biol e1000611 (2011) [pubmed]


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Jansen lab
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