Feldbrügge lab

The Feldbrügge lab is using in vivo approaches to study mRNA transport and local translation. We focus on the tight coupling between mRNA and membrane trafficking using endosomal long-distance transport along microtubules as an example.

Within the FOR2333 Research Unit we study:

Project 1: In close collaboration with the Jansen and Zarnack lab, we investigate the role of RNA-binding proteins linking mRNA and membrane trafficking.

Project 2: Here, we focus on novel factors interacting with the key RNA-binding protein of endosomal transport in order to identify functional important mRNP components. For this project we collaborate with the Jansen lab.

Michael Feldbrügge is Co-Speaker of the FOR2333 Research Unit.

Selected publications by the Feldbrügge lab:

  • Haag et al. PLoS Genet. 13: e1006734 (2017) [pubmed]
  • Zander et al. J. Cell Sci. 129: 2778-2792 (2016) [pubmed]
  • Haag et al. Rev. Microbiol. 69: 265-281 (2015) [pubmed]
  • Pohlmann et al. eLife 4: 10.7554/eLife.06041 (2015) [pubmed]
  • Baumann et al. EMBO Rep. 15: 94-102 (2014) [pubmed]


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