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Simone Heber receives travel grant from the Boehringer-Ingelheim-Fonds

Simone Heber, currently postdoc in our lab, received a travel grant from the Boehringer-Ingelheim Fonds for a lab visit to Tamir Gonen’s lab at UCLA. The aim of this visit is to learn sample preparation as well as data collection

Satellite meeting to the symposium “The complex Life of RNA” at EMBL in Heidelberg on October 3rd, 2018

Before we all participated in the congress “The complex life of RNA” in Heidelberg, we had a short satellite meeting. Apart from the great symposium, we had a very interesting meeting picked with exciting talks on diverse topics in RNA

RNA transport meeting from March 3rd to 6th 2018 in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth

From March 3rd to 6th 2018 our RNA transport meeting took place in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, where various experts from a broad field of RNA biology were representing the current state of the mRNA-localization field. It was a very exciting congress with

Staufen2 critically contributes to working memory in the rat

At the cellular level, learning and memory rely on the physical modification of synapses, which are ultimately encoded by transported mRNAs and protein synthesis “onsite”. In previous studies, Michael Kiebler and his team have shown that the RNA-binding protein Staufen2

New review by three FOR2333 labs on mRNA localization in fungal species

The Niessing, Jansen and Feldbrügge labs published a review on recent advances in mRNA localization in different fungal species. The review appeared in WIREs RNA and puts a special focus on the comparison of membrane-free and membrane-bound RNA transport. Niessing,

FOR2333 meeting from September 25th to 27th at the MPI for Developmental Biology in Tübingen

This time our regular network meeting took place in the cozy town of Tübingen in the middle of Baden-Württemberg. It was a wonderful get-together and a great opportunity to discuss the latest scientific results in RNA localization. Thanks to Ralf-Peter

FOR2333 members participate in EMBO “RNA localization” conference in Italy

Lab members of the FOR2333 network participated in the EMBO conference “RNA localisation and local translation” in Barga, Italy. The conference took place from July 23rd to 28th 2017 at the beautiful Il Ciocco Resort in Tuscany and was packed

Feldbrügge lab publishes a novel link between long-distance endosomal transport and endocytic traffic

In particular in highly polarized cells like fungal hyphal early endosomes carry out two distinct functions. Firstly, during endocytosis they function as transport unit to deliver cargo towards the lysosome/vacuole. Secondly, the same early endosomes are used to deliver cargo like

Methods workshop held at EMBL in March 2017

From March 13.-15. 2017 the FOR2333 team held a three-days methods workshop at the Advanced Training Centre of the EMBL Heidelberg. Students of participating groups attended training sessions on “bioinformatics”, “professional preparation of scientific figures”, “introduction to structural biology”, and

Ephrussi lab publishes an unconventional mechanism that loads the kinesin-1 motor onto oskar mRNPs

In this study, the Ephrussi lab shows that an atypical tropomyosin isoform is a direct (m)RNA binding protein that binds preferentially to the dimerizing oskar 3’ UTR and is a component of the transported oskar mRNPs within the female germ-line.