Helena Jambor now fellow at “Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin”

Dr. Helena Jambor (mentee of the DFG-research unit) has recently been accepted as fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin), were she researches the history of life science visualization.


helena-jamborShe is particularly fascinated by the changing representation of RNA: from drawings of crystalline material by Friedrich Miescher to current life imaging techniques that show RNA is a living material!

Helena previously was a postdoc in the lab of Pavel Tomancak (associated with this DFG-Research Unit, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden) working on high-throughput approaches to understanding RNA localisation in Drosophila (Jambor et al. eLife, 2015).

She recently published on ROMi, a method to obtain egg-chambers in large scale (Jambor et al. 2016), a fly resource to analyse protein distributions in living fly tissues (Sarov et al., eLIFE, 2016) and an investigation of Rab protein organization (Dunst et al., Dev Cell, 2015).